Norseman Continental Bulldog  STatement

As a group of Bulldog-fanciers we have been breeding the Norseman Bulldog in a closed
program for 20 years.


These Bulldogs have been bred carefully following an exclusive private breeding program

only to be found at the following private foundation-kennels:

Swamp Snake (F), St John´s Farm (GB), Norseman (F/D), McCullan´s (D), Curveball (L)
Underground´s (F), Braves´ Heaven (F), Chiva´s (D), Elite Bulldogs (F).


Only a few dogs were sold to honest breeders and were used in the creation of the
Continental Bulldog.


Our Bulldogs are of correct size, weight and type with stamina and a prospect
of a long healthy life.


Our perfect dog:

size up to 50 cm, weight up to 30 kg


clearly but not exaggerated undershot bite, scissors-bite accepted.


complete tail.


colours: - red-fawn, brindle and black in any combination with white

- solid white or white with red-fawn, brindle or black patches.


black nose. dark eyes. dark eyerims.


Blue, tan or brown colour or any combination with these to be considered as disqualifying fault. Also no tri-coloured dogs, no blue or orange-yellow eyes.


In our breeding-program we are searching for natural mating and bitches able to give birth

naturally. We have healthy natural born litters with 7-12 puppies.


any info: (contact in any language).

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