NORSEMAN Bulldogges
NORSEMAN Bulldogges

Norseman Bulldogges  STatement

As a group of Bulldog-fanciers we have been breeding the Norseman Bulldog in a closed
program for 15 years.


These Bulldogs have been bred carefully following an exclusive private breeding program

only to be found at the following private foundation-kennels:

Swamp Snake (F)
St John´s Farm (GB)
Norseman (F/D)
McCullan´s (D)
Curveball (L)
Underground´s (F)
Braves´ Heaven (F)
Chiva´s (D)
Elite Bulldogs (F).


Only a few dogs were sold to honest breeders and you would be surprised where they can
be found today......and were used in the creation of the FCI Continental Bulldog.


Our Olde Type Bulldogges are of correct size, weight and type with stamina and a prospect
of a long healthy life.


Our perfect dog:

size up to 48 cm, weight up to 30 kg


clearly but not exaggerated undershot bite, scissors-bite accepted.


complete tail preferred.


colours: - red-fawn, brindle and black in any combination with white

- solid white or white with red-fawn, brindle or black patches.


black nose. dark eyes. dark eyerims preferred.


Blue, tan or brown colour or any combination with these to be considered as serious fault
and disqualified. Also no tri-coloured dogs, no blue or orange-yellow eyes.


In our breeding-program we are searching for natural mating and bitches able to give birth

naturally. We have healthy natural born litters with 7-9 puppies.


Before you ask: no crossing with Molossers or other breeds.

any info: (contact aussi en francais).


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