NORSEMAN Olde British Bulldogges
NORSEMAN Olde British Bulldogges

Our dogs 2018

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HAGGIS (Norseman Stone x McCullan´s Hermine II)

42 cm, 23 kg. HD B, ED A

Haggis + Holdfast Gun

BOOZE WILLIS (Norseman Stone x McCullan´s Hermine II)
first Champion of the breed: EABC und International Champion.
46 cm, 27 kg. HD, ED, OCD, IC + heart : checked and clear.  
SCH BH + BACT2    


Norseman Zazie (BoozexGrid) + Norseman Yuma (BulletxHaggis), born 2018

McCullan´s BULLET (Norseman Black x McCullan´s Dalea), 24 kg

hip C, ellbow and shoulder A.

Norseman Grid aka Poubelle.


Norseman Vangelina Jolie (Iron x Svava)








Curveball UMA (Norseman Stone x Norseman Grid)


Swamp Snake VROUMIE (Swamp Snake Arthur x Swamp Snake Whitey)

SCH BH, BACT2, hip + ellbow clear. In june 2018 she will have 13 years !


Norseman STONE (Beau of St John´s Farm x Swamp Snake Vroumie)
available for approved bitches, only natural matings !


a proud and happy grandma: Vroumie taking care of Grid´s litter.... raising puppies is a family business

VROUMIE and her grandson BOOZE (9th generation.... and generation 10 was just born)

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